I am pleased to bring you today a rare piece of artwork..the original picture was taken by and is copyrighted by Charles R. Leonard Jr. of Old Brookville, L.I.N.Y. who privately commissioned Richard Stone Reeves to paint this picture..


Richard Stone Reeves is known as the leading Race Horse Artist of all verified by Mr. Reeves son, this is the only Cock Fight picture he has ever done..there were only 175 made, many of which have probably been destroyed in attics over time..


Having painted this picture while in his twenties, Mr. Reeves is now 83 years of age and no longer does signed and limited prints, making this print all the more desirable..


The print itself measuring 20" by 16" is in pristine condition, matted and framed by "The Sporting Gallery and Bookshop, Inc. , Fine Sporting Paintings, Prints, Etchings, Books, etc. , 17 East 48th Street, New York 17"..the framed piece measures 28 " by 24 "  and is in a dark wood beveled frame, which is also in excellent condition..the only thing I can find is a small scrape mark, about 1", on the bottom left corner of the frame..


This 52 year old print shows two cocks in the air in the midst of their fight, with their owners cheering them on in front of a small group of spectators..the print is signed by Mr. Reeves in the bottom right hand corner as can be seen in the closeup picture we have provided..


What makes this extra special is the "KEY" on the back of the frame, with each individual in the photograph being assigned a number and named at the bottom accordingly..I will list these names at the end..


This fine piece can only become more valuable over time and is a wise investment as well as a beautiful addition to your home..Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have, we would welcome them and answer them as best we can..






The Nassau Derby 1951

Painted by Richard Stone Reeves

From the Picture in the Possession of Charles R. Leonard, Esq.


                                                       Charles S. Bird III  

                               Mr. Winston C. Guest          

                      Mrs. Winston C. Guest

                        Charles R. Leonard Jr.

                 James F. McHugh

       Laura H. Leonard

                 Mr. Clarence C. Pell, Jr.

                  Frederick H. Prince Jr.

                  Mrs. Lewis C. Ledyard,                   

       J.Hartley Mellick  (Referree)

       George A. McCartney

       A.C. Dingwell  (Publisher Game Fowl News)

       Eric F. West

       Herbert S. Tuckerman


                     Joseph M. Roebling

      W.A. Hazard Leonard

                     Stephen S. Sanford

                      Bayard Tuckerman Jr.

                     Charles R. Leonard

       John duPont Irving

                     Leonard Young

                     Robert W. Martin, Jr.

                     Victor M. Onet

                       Harry Kearney ( Handler & Feeder for L. C. Ledyard)

                  Ed. Rodger (Secretary Montchanin Game Club)

                      Lewis C. Ledyard 3rd (Handling his white hackle cock)

                     Norman Phillips ( Handling C.R. Leonard. Jr.'s round head cock)