The following articles are based on research I have conducted over the last 20 plus years while I did independent research on animal locomotion, physiology, biomechancis, gait analysis, and many more. Some articles will be from the Derby List postings I have made since the early 1990's. I will also post other information I have collected over the years.

I was a race horse owner in 1982 to 1988 time frame along with being a managing general partner in a horse race limited partnership. I have been licensed horse owner in four states and a licensed vendor working for EQB, Inc.

.....Handicapping Articles by Larry Wellman.....

@Derby List - 2014 Kentucky Derby Beyer Speed Figure Wind Impact
Inspection Report - Paddock and on Track
The Physics of Weight On a Race Horse
Pace of the Race
The Dynamics of Turns on Performance
Model the Bounce Effect - Impact of Exercise and Fatigue
Estimates on Gate Run-Up on Race Time (April 2009)
Study of Lasix on Performance (From 1997)
Equus Magazine August 1983 Article Amazing Grace - Sidebar Skeleton Bone Ratios

@derby List Postings from the Early Years


Effect of Weight on a Horse (1995)- Short Article


Pick Three Analysis (1994)

Horse Conformation and Gait

Horse Lameness (1996)
Horse Lead Leg

Specific Races and Horses

Discussion on Secretariat Time For the Preakness (1995, L. Wellman, S. Roman)
More Discussion on Secretariat Races (1995 S. Davidowitz, etc)
Discussion on Holy Bull, Spend A Buck (1995, L. Wellman, S. Roman, S. Davidowitz, etc)


Interval Training - Horse Heart Rate Data (1995)

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